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Amanda North

What would you like people to know about how you are doing or feeling now?

Every morning when I wake, I thank God for the gift of life. Never again will I take it for granted. The enduring legacy of April 15 for me is a rededication to living my life with purpose, to cherishing my relationships, and to sharing kindness whenever and to whomever I can. I will do my best to pay it forward, but I will never adequately pay back the courage, compassion and support I received from those around me at the Finish Line, the first responders, the amazing team at Carney Hospital, the new friends I made in Boston, and the exceptional staff of the survivor assistance programs. From my home on that "other Bay" on the West Coast, Boston will be in my thoughts April 15, and always.

Are there particular activities or charitable efforts in which you have participated that you’ve found to be especially inspiring or restorative?

The Stepping Strong Program at Brigham and Women's Hospital, honoring the strength and resilience of Gillian Reny, is contributing hugely to the vital work of understanding and addressing trauma injuries.