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Brittany Loring

What would you like people to know about how you are doing or feeling now?

It gets a little easier every year but I still feel mournful this time of year.

What would you like to say to the Greater Boston community in regards to the support you received following April 15, 2013?

You made me believe in good again.

Thank you! I could not have healed as well as I did and be here today doing as well as I am without your support. You made me believe in good again. I started a foundation called the Brittany Fund for Trauma and Recovery to pay it forward by providing financial support to survivors of traumatic events. Learn more at!

During your recovery, have there been any specific moments that were particularly poignant or meaningful to you?

I have become best friends with my civilian first responders and EMT from that day. They are family to me. The attached pictures are of myself and Hafsa, a now dear friend but on the day of the bombing a stranger that helped me, and the other is of our 2016 Boston Marathon team for the Brittany Fund which includes Hafsa, Mike and Ben - all people I didn’t know the day of the bombing who helped me that day. I can’t imagine life without them.