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Michael Bourgault

On behalf of: All My 415 Support Group Friends and Family

What would you like people to know about how you are doing or feeling now?

After 5 years, my wife, Beth and I are doing great. We became grandparents for the first time on New Years Eve 2017. A whole new chapter opening in our lives. There are still some issues from PTSD and load noises that affect us, but we’re dealing and trying to get through that now too.

What would you like people to know about how you are doing or feeling now?

The Greater Boston Community couldn’t have been more helpful with my healing after the bombing by seeing up meet and greet events as well as the support group of survivors that a met at the new Spaulding Rehab Hospital in Charlestown. The annual breakfast attended by many political dignitaries, showing their support for us, really touched my heart. I shall always be grateful to those that helped. Mayor Tom Menino, Mayor Marty Walsh, Governor Deval Patrick, Senator Elizabeth Warren and many others.

Over the past few years, have you witnessed any acts of kindness on One Boston Day that touched you? If so, what were they and why did you find them meaningful?

To hear stories how people "pass it forward" with the concept to do an act of kindness or a good task on Boston One Day to a complete stranger and witness this being done by many really touches my heart.

During your recovery, have there been any specific moments that were particularly poignant or meaningful to you?

To see my wife smile and laugh again after months of sadness, suffering and depression, we purchased a puppy (what we call our service dog) was so wonderful, no words can express my joy the day.

Are there particular activities or charitable efforts in which you have participated that you’ve found to be especially inspiring or restorative?

I have ran the BAA 5K race for 3 years 2014-2016. I would have never participated in this event it wasn’t for the kindness of the BAA to give survivors free entry and bids to participate. A lot of us from the 415 support group also ran/walked this race too. Also the many dinners with celebrities and events brought us all closer together making lifetime friendships. Note: Photo#1 is at dinner some of the 415 members went to meet Joan Benoit, Olympic winner and runner. Photo #2 is myself presenting Mayor Tom Menino a "blankie" to thank him for getting the support group at Spaulding Rehab Hospital. Photo #3 is of some of the 411 group that attended a Josh Groban concert that someone donated tickets for us to attend.